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Keep an eye on Cornwall’s Chew TV!

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The Chew TV Network, a Cornish-born Social Enterprise run by and for young people aged 14-25 from all over the world has been voted as one of the top creative companies to watch in 2010 by one of the biggest creative networks in the UK, Bristol Media.

The Chew TV Network has successfully setup as a creative business that offers a unique and innovative platform for projects, organisations and brands to deploy their own youth communication initiatives using the latest in social networking tools. In its freshman year Chew has worked with high-profile clients such as Creativity Culture and Education and The International Centre for New Media as well as others.

Despite the toughest financial conditions of the last 50 years, increased competition, tighter client budgets, huge changes in consumer behaviour and the shifting media landscape all colliding together to squeeze the bottom line of even the region’s most established companies, the Chew TV Network has focused on it’s aim of culturing young media talent and it’s this groundbreaking youth-focused drive that has seen Chew TV feature at the top Bristol Media’s ‘Top 10 Creative Companies To Watch’ list.

Paul Appleby, the Chair of Bristol Media says: “Though making it to the Top 100 Awards is a great achievement, there are also many other exciting companies here in the South West that as yet don’t quite have the hundred thousand pound turnover. These companies are working on some equally exciting projects and as such deserve a bit of recognition as we think they will make waves in years to come.”

Korash Sanjideh, Chew TV’s Managing Director says: “After spending the last 12 months reshaping Chew TV to become a leading force for talent across the EU, this recognition is proof that investment in young talent is where the real capital lies. In these tough economic times, to be able to react creatively to opportunities, build relationships on honest business practice and genuinely wanting to make a positive impact is what makes for an inspirational working environment. Here at Chew TV we can measure our real creative and social impact and all of the team are responsible for the success that has been achieved in such a short space of time!”

For more information please see and the SW Top 100 website.