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Polzeath is situated on the North coast of Cornwall. It is a favoured location for surfing, with waves rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean. There are lifeguards on the beach during the daytime in the season. Dolphins may sometimes be spotted and the surrounding coastline is a particularly good area for seeing many types of coastal birds including puffins. The main beach is totally covered on a spring high tide, indeed the car park has known to be covered by water but this only happens on a spring high tide with an extremely large tidal surge. There are many local shops, providing everything required for the holidaymaker. Within the village are a number of pubs, cafés and restaurants. There is also a large camping site that caters for families. On September 2, 2007, 300 surfers arrived at Polzeath beach, Cornwall to set a new world record for the highest number of surfers riding the same wave, as part of the Global Surf Challenge and part of a project called Earthwave to raise awareness about global warming.