Icon April 11, 2011 - 18:40

The Durtier The Better, Experience Durty Disco

Tags: Durty Disco, Falmouth Rugby Club, Sandsifter

Elliot Hyams experiences Durty Disco, the new night that is taking the South West by storm.

The walls are sweating, glasses are being shaken off of shelves, hands are in the air, and a Welshman is dancing with a purple bear inside of a giant inflatable DJ booth. This may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect Friday night, but for the people who have filled the Falmouth Rugby Club for the latest Durty Disco it’s everything they wanted and more. Durty Disco is still young compared to other more established nights, but already it has gained a reputation for being totally unique.

                  Since the beginning Durty Disco’s calling card has been its eclectic range of music, ranging from Motown, to Electro, to Dubstep and beyond and tonight is no different. Headliners The King Regards play a raucous set to the capacity crowd with support from Thai AI, Bigman Japan and crowd favourite Aceface. This is the fourth outing for Durty Disco and the ante has certainly been upped; the sound system is bigger than ever, the Rugby Club itself is unrecognisable with decor to rival any club in the South West including the previously mentioned colour changing inflatable DJ booth and visuals from Dizrali, the 2010 VJ of the year.

                  But all this would mean nothing without the people that fork out their money to be there and the crowd at Durty Disco is what really makes the night special. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and all absorbing. The reason these people come, and the reason they will continue to come is because Durty Disco has become its own brand, a brand that comes with a quality guarantee, that no matter who you are or what you are into, you will have fun.

Durty Disco returns on May 28th with a weekender at Sandsifter and one thing is certain, we ain't seen nothing yet!