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Icon February 8, 2012 - 20:09

Cornwall Film Festival 2012 Dates Announced

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After a successful move to the sparkling new Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay last year, the Cornwall Film Festival (CFF) today confirmed that it will be returning there in 2012.

The Festival dates, 8 to 11 November, will include a fourth day of programming, announced Festival director Donna Anton.

To celebrate its 11th year, the CFF is launching a new, more inclusive version of its long-running Cornish-language short-film competition.

In partnership with Cornwall-based production company o-region and sponsored by MAGA Cornish Language Partnership, the “Govyn Kernewek 90-Second Challenge” will combine elements of the ever-popular Big Pitcher event with the promotion of Cornish in filmmaking.

The challenge involves making a 90-second film, of any genre, that uses the Cornish language in a significant way. The top 25 entries will be screened in a juried competition at the CFF in November. Cash prizes will be awarded for first (£1,000), second (£500) and third (£250) place, along with an audience award (£250), to be voted on at the event.

“This new competition is a brilliant way to engage lots more filmmakers in the first instance, boosted by the motivation to use Cornish,” said Donna. “These days almost anyone can make a 90-second film, even on their mobile phones, so it’ll be exciting to see how creative people will be. “Needless to say, with a £1,000 top prize, we’re expecting a boatload of entries.”

The entry fee will be £5 per film. Filmmakers can submit an unlimited number of films. Competition rules are posted on the Cornwall Film Festival website as well as on the online application form.

The longer Festival weekend is the result of the event’s growing audience of film lovers from within Cornwall as well as the attention being paid by an increasing number of filmmakers from across the UK and abroad.

“Many people don’t realise that we plan and deliver the region’s only established film festival,” said assistant director Tiffany Holmes. “Our new home at the Lighthouse now gives us the potential to develop the CFF into an arts event that will put Newquay – and Cornwall – on the world stage.

“And this year, with a camera and a Cornish dictionary,” she added, “almost anyone can participate as a filmmaker too!”

For more details, visit www.cornwallfilmfestival.com.