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Soumik Datta (Sarod) & Bernhard Schimpelsberger (Drums), Performance Centre, Tremough

Event details
Friday, March 9, 2012 - 7:30pm

Soumik Datta & Bernhard Schimpelsberger

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Soumik Datta on Indian Classical Sarod unites with Bernhard (aka Taalis) on Drums. A unique sound world that brings together ancient and modern cultures, this is a contemporary duet showcasing two young virtuosos, their command over their instruments and their ability to communicate through evocative new music.

Soumik Datta is a torchbearer of the fretless Indian lute: Sarod. Classically trained by legendary Pt. Buddhadev DasGupta. he later graduated from Trinity College of Music. Austrian-born percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger (aka Taalis) plays the Western drum kit like a tabla virtuoso and seamlessly blends Indian and Western rhythms into a unique drumming style.

£10/£7.50 conc


Box Office - 01326 255885


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