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Cornish Artist Represents UK in Spanish Exhibition

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A Cornish painter is continuing to prove popular in Europe by being invited to exhibit his work in Valencia.

Chris Billington, from the Lizard Peninsula, is just one of five international artists asked to display their work at the show in Spain this December.

Colectiva internacional de Navidad 2010, which translates to International Collective Christmas 2010, begins at 8pm next Friday.

Of the five artists, Chris is the only painter from Britain who will be displaying his work. His art will stand alongside exhibitors form Slovenia, Holland, Spain and America.

He said: “The popularity of my work in Europe is always a great compliment and priviledge. It is always fantastic to be invited to exhibit somewhere for the first time and I’m pleased with the pieces that are being displayed.”

The three pieces are entitled Viva Valencia, Las Fallas and Fandangos in Space. They will first be seen at a private view on December 3, with the show then running until January 31.

Chris’ work was last in the international spotlight during an exhibition in Germany that ran from April to October.

The Julich Museum has acquired four pieces of art from Chris, which are now on permanent display.

His work is described as having pop abstracts in acrylic with renowned saturated colors and simplified geometric lines.

The exhibition in Spain coincides with the Stoneman gallery’s Christmas show, in Penzance, where Chris is displaying a piece of work entitled ‘Cosmic Lights Mousehole’.

“I have a lot of respect for the team at the Stoneman so I always enjoy exhibiting there and I’m proud to be part of the Christmas display,” said Chris.

Further details of the Valencia show will be available from